Thesis 2002/2003:
"The building industry on the Internet"


In my thesis I developed a method to measure the quality of public business websites and applied it to 166 companies of the building industry in Lower Saxonia (Northen Germany).

Main criteria were the quality and quantity of the provided information, the contact information as demanded by German law ("Teledienste Gesetz") and accessibility and usability in conformance with the W3C's WAI guidelines.

The thesis was written to achieve the title Diplom-Ingenieur (FH) ("graduated engineer") in civil engineering at the University of Applied Sience in Hildesheim and was rated with the (best possible) mark of 1,0.

Further Information (in German language)

The German version of this page is a little more verbose.
The literal assignement for my thesis ...
and a short bio of the professors who did my examination.
The main text of the thesis (83 pages, PDF, 1.0 MByte)
The thesis consists of two parts. The second part containing the documentation of the investigation (another 160 pages) may not be published freely because it contains copyrighted material.
Graphically enhanced summary of the thesis (120/148 cm, PDF, 0.8 MByte)
The exhibiton of all the theses is an important part of the public graduation celebration. This was my poster.